Hair Fibres

Hair fibres are a relativity new product to the marketplace and are ideal for anyone who wants to disguise the problem of thinning hair. They have been designed as a temporary cover-up approach to effectively make you hair look naturally fuller and thicker.

Nanogen In Action:


  • The results are almost instant – applying the fibres takes literally seconds.
  • They are undetectable – made from the same organic keratin as your natural hair. You can choose how much you use for either a subtle or dramatic effect.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The results are simply incredible – the hair fibres bind to your human hairs instantly building hair density, your hair will look thicker and the visibility of your scalp will be dramatically reduced.

What We Do

Currently there are a number of different brands of hair fibre on the market. If you are unsure of which one you should buy and where you can find it for the lowest price online we are here to help. We review, compare prices and publish user reviews of all the popular keratin fibre products sold in The UK.

Price Comparisons

Here you will find up to date price comparison tables for the UK’s most popular keratin fibre brands: currently these include Nanogen and Toppik. The price list is updated on a daily basis so you don’t need to go searching the net for the best deal or lowest price – we have done all that for you.

Customer reviews

How do you know whether a product is any good or not? If you have not tried it yourself then you need to go on what other think of it. There are hundreds of reviews of Nanogen and Toppik online and we have a growing number of our own. Make sure you submit your own review after using it too.

The Brands

There are a number of different companies which make these products. Here we will concentrate on the two most popular ones. We intend to add other less known makers at a later date.


Nanogen have developed many cutting edge hair loss products over the years including thickening shampoo and conditioner. A potent topical serum to stop and reverse hair loss much like minoxidil. Their most popular product however are their little cans of hair fibre which they have branded ‘Nanofibres’. These electrostaticly charged fibres are at the top of the list when it comes to technological advancement. They boast a number of features not found in other brands such as:

  • Dipolar Charging – this increases the thickening effect by making the fibres branch out from the hair strands rather than lying flat.
  • Kinetic Technology – creates a much stronger electrostatic charge compared to more convention methods.
  • Colour Lock – each fibre is coated ensuring the dye contained within does not leak or run when it gets wet.

Nanogen Nanofibres are currently the best selling hair fibre concealer in the UK, are suitable for both men and women and are made from pure keratin. You can read more about Nanogen here.


toppikhairfibres_3If hair concealing fibres were a family where Nanogen would be the clever clogs teenager, Toppik would be the Daddy. It was Toppik who first came up with the idea and technology of electrostatic fibres to thicken  hair.  They have been used by million of men and women.

This brand and its associated brands which include Couvre, Fullmore and X5 are the best selling products of their type in the US and are also very popular in the UK. More information on Toppik can be found here.

Not sure which one would suit you best? Take a look at our Nanogen v Toppik showdown.

Hair Loss

Did you know that at 20 years old, 20% of men are losing their hair? This ratio of age to percentage of population continues throughout life. It is normal to see half of all men with some degree of hair loss by 50 years old AND 10% of women! There are many things you can do to combat alopecia in all it’s forms.

Treatment Options

Most people who are serious about hair regrowth, use some form of proven medical treatment like Regaine (Rogaine) which contains 2 or 5% Minoxidil for topical application to the scalp. Another popular and approved medication is the oral tablet Propecia (Proscar) which contains 1mg of Finasteride. There are a multitude of other topical products and shampoos which have varying degrees of success according to users, but evidence is all anecdotal and not based on clinical trials. Many recommend that hair loss sufferers take saw palmetto, zinc, vitamin B6 and some form of anti-oxidant on a daily basis. Other new ingredients such as copper peptides look promising for the future of topicals.

On the other hand, many people prefer surgery to drugs alone or simply they don’t want to use drugs. Hair transplantation should only be undertaken by the best surgeons with lots of experience. We recommend (without liability) that UK residents contact Farjo Medical Centre for reliable treatment. Naturally, we expect you to make your own judgement.

Ultimate Concealer: Hair Fibres

The vast majority of sufferers believe their condition is not going to be curtailed/reversed by either drugs or surgery. There is some merit in this philosophy. In this spirit, the cool things nowadays, is to gently camouflage the baldness with Nanogen or Toppik fibres. These are not a sprays like Fullmore, Mane and Glh, nor are they like the powder packs from companies such as DermMatch. They are certainly not a hair piece or wig. And for sure, Toppik and Nanogen are no cream based products like Couvre.

No, Nanogen and Toppik are different. They are a keratin microfibre (microfiber) product which adds fullness to your hair. Each existing strand becomes thickened many times over. The vellus or colourless strands which appear on even the shiniest of scalps also attach and electrostatically bond with the keratin fibres.

Baldness, alopecia, hairloss – whatever you call it. There are answers and solutions. In the meantime, do yourself a favour. Make like a movie star and get an Instant ‘Hair Transplant’ – only available from Nanogen and Toppik.










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