What’s In A Name: Nanofibres Or Nanogen Hair Fibres

Nanogen updated their packaging and branding for this product in 2013 to keep it more in line with other products such as their Thickening Shampoo. So the Nanofibres name was dropped in favour of Nanogen Hair Fibres. Other than the name and packaging the products are are identical. Their latest generation of fibre includes Kinetic… Read More »

Hair Fibre Technologies: Electrostatic Charge

At Nanogen they are proud of the cutting edge science behind their fibre products but how exactly do achieve better results than competing brands such as Toppik? The technology is very intelligent with the natural keratin fibres binding to your hair using electrostatic charges. It’s rather a complex procedure to comprehend with but it is… Read More »

Makeup Artist Marcos Gurgel Recommends Nanogen Fibres

In a recent article in Attitude Magazine, Marcos Gurgel a celebrated celebrity makeup artist recommended Nanogen thickening fibres as an effective hair loss concealer. Marcos’s work features in many high profile magazines (Attitude & OK!) and TV programs including The Voice and Strictly Come Dancing. He’s not the only pro to recommend these fibres. Many… Read More »

Are Hair Fibres Right For You?

Millions of people across the globe, both male and female, suffer from hair loss problems. There are a variety of solutions available for someone with this problem. Hair fibres are one of the solutions and unlike other more permanent methods, they offer an attractive option due to the low costs involved compared to other methods… Read More »

Hair Loss: The Facts

A large proportion of us suffer from hair loss. For most of us the cause is not medical but simply part of getting old. For some the problem is caused by some type of medical condition but these cases are few and in the minority. For 50% of men and 30% or women at the… Read More »

Which Hair Fibre Is The Best

I have lost quite a bit of hair on the top and the crown so much so that I have been using Regaine Foam for a few years and was thinking of a transplant. A friend advised against a transplant however as I am still in my 20’s. I have only just recently discovered hair… Read More »

Is Nanogen Waterproof?

Unlike many of it’s competitors Nanogen Hair Fibres along with their other products in their product range including Aquamatch and the locking mist claim to be virtually waterproof. They claim that you can even go swimming with them in without them being removed. Claiming it can be done is one thing but proving it is… Read More »

Hair Biology

Hair is a very important attribute to most people around the world. It affects the appearance of both men and women and often designates a person’s gender identity. There is a lot going on within the structure that many of us do not know about, but learning a bit about the mop on the top… Read More »

Nanogen Fibres vs. Couvre and DermMatch

Scalp dyes are the oldest concealers of hair loss dating back to late 50’s. Although Couvre and DermMatch work well by making thin area much less noticeable they have many limitations when compare to the fibre systems like Nanogen’s (Often referred to as Nanofibres). Matching Colours One of the limitations that the scalp concealers have… Read More »

How Long Does Your Nanogen Last?

On the pack it says 2 months be we would like to ask our readers who use Nanogen fibres how long on average on 30g can lasts them. Please answer in the comments box below. Please share 🙂