Where To Find The Cheapest Nanogen Online

Update: 30/12/2015 Order from Pharmacy2U.co.uk if you want the best deal overall but you will need to buy 3 30g packs to get it. If that is too much then head to Mankind.co.uk as they have the lowest price for single 30g orders with free delivery. If you use Nanogen hair fibres on a regular… Read More »

Buy Nanogen Fibres From Boots? Read This First

Boots.com is an incredibly popular website for all types of pharmaceutical products. This is due to the fact that the name ‘Boots’ is familiar to everyone in the UK and so carries a lot of trust and when shopping online trusting a website with your email and card details goes a long way. The term… Read More »

Other Types of Alopecia

Alopecia refers to the loss of hair, which can affect the scalp or the entire body. It can be excessive in such a way that it leads to baldness. The condition affects both men and women. There are different forms of hair loss Androgenetic Alopecia being the most common one. This article will discuss the… Read More »

Androgenetic Alopecia

There are several reasons for loss of hair such as physical stress, pregnancy, an excess of vitamin, etc. However, the number one cause for this condition in men is androgenetic alopecia. Contrary to popular belief, it affects women too. Almost 40% of women are prone to this form of baldness by the age of 65.… Read More »

Increased Hair Loss When Using Hair Fibres?

Hello, A few years back I started using these fibres to cover my thinning hair. First Toppik then Nanogen (just for the record I think Nanogen is the better of the two). Now I find that I am using a lot more that when I first started as my hair is much thinner and if… Read More »

Nanogen FAQs

How often do I need to apply them? They only get dislodged when you shampoo, so if you don’t shampoo daily, there’s no need to apply the product every day. However, take note that some of the fibres might stick to your pillow, so a touch-up after sleeping is recommended. Don’t worry, about them staining… Read More »

Female Hair Loss: Types, Causes & Treatments

Whereas hair loss has been predominantly viewed as a male condition, it is also quiet prevalent in women. Medical researches that have been carried out by experienced dermatologists have pointed out that one 1 in every 5 women in the UK suffers from the condition, also known as alopecia. To get a better grasp of… Read More »

Keratin For Hair Fibres

Nearly all hair fibre brands, Nanogen and Toppik included, use keratin as the main material in their products. But why is it the best material for temporally thickening your hair? What is keratin? Keratin is a naturally produced and extremely strong fibrous protein. It is found in the hair, nails and skin of not only… Read More »

Hair Upclose

A closer look at hair: It all begins here! “Let’s talk science…” A closer look at hair will make you see beyond what you normally see and touch. See what the naked eye cannot see. After all, this is where the process of permanent wave, permanent hair straightening, Thermal Reconditioning, color, bleach and highlights begins;… Read More »

Toppik Hair Building Fibres: The Undetectable Concealer

Toppik Hair Building Fibres are a new, natural solution to hide the appearance of thinning hair, for both men and women, creating actual full, luscious hair. It isn’t a cream or a gel, but instead they are Keratin fibres, which are in fact a kind of hair-like substance with a high magnetic charge, which allows… Read More »