Are Hair Fibres Right For You?

By | December 2, 2014

NanogenMillions of people across the globe, both male and female, suffer from hair loss problems. There are a variety of solutions available for someone with this problem. Hair fibres are one of the solutions and unlike other more permanent methods, they offer an attractive option due to the low costs involved compared to other methods and don’t involve surgical procedures.

Factors to consider…

Apart from time and budget, many other factors must be kept in mind for someone looking for a solution to hair loss.

Hair length

Hair thickening fibres may not be a good if you have too long or too short hair, less than 2-3 cm. For people with long hair, the fibres will look unnatural as they will not be able to hide balding areas as well as for those who have it shorter.

Long or short term solution

Also,they are not an permanent solution, so for those looking for a long term plan, more complex treatments which actually tackle the underlying causes such as Regaine or Propecia might be preferred.

Use of styling products

The fibres depend on the electrostatic bond between strand and fibre and hence their effectiveness might be reduced by hair styling products such as wet look styling gels, pomades and hair oils. If you use these fibres, it is usually a good idea to check with a professional or the company which products are preferable to use for maximum effectiveness.

How do they work

nanofibre-vs-othersRecent advances in hair fibre technology by Nanogen has led to the development of the the di-polar fibre which leads to better binding and strength of fibres with the hair. The two ends of the fibre are of opposite charge ensuring that the fibre locks on to the strand even when it has recently been conditioned. This also ensures that one end of the fibre repels giving the maximum thickening effect. With the use of the Nanogen Locking Spray with their fibres over 90% of the them will be retained.

Nanogen fibres also have a colour lock technology that ensures that the fibres will not leak die onto your clothes and skin even when you get caught in rain. Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres are considered one of the best products on the market. They can be bough online for as little as £17-18. For the latest prices please check the store comparison list.


Alternatives to thickening fibres include a variety of options such as medication, products, transplants or even wigs and toupees. With continued scientific research new discoveries and high tech devices like laser combs and laser helmets that help in hair growth have come to the market.

Other thickening products

Thickening shampoos and conditioners can help in increasing hair volume while growth serums encourage healthy hair growth while protecting the follicles from free radical damage.

Medical treatments

Medications such as Finasteride and Minoxidil have shown to be effective to some extent in clinical trials. Finasteride is not recommended for women as it can cause birth defects while even men can suffer from side effects such as erection problems, making it a prescription only medicine. Minoxidil is an approved medication for male and female pattern loss, but might result in facial hair growth and it may take 5 months for any difference to be noticeable.

Transplants & wigs

A transplant is used as a treatment option when the thinning is substantial but can be very time consuming and expensive often costing up to £30,000. Wigs and toupees are other options, with high quality wigs costing more than £2,000.

Nanogen thickening fibres are a good solution to explore as they work well with a variety of  styles and colours. You should consult your stylist for suggestions on the best style that will reduce the visible impact of thinning.

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