How to choose a hair treatment that is right for you

By | January 29, 2014

ProductsCareful research is required when selecting the right treatment for your hair loss. There are many such treatments which will promise you fuller and thicker hair and these products come in a variety of forms. They can be topical medication, supplements or concealers like the hair fibre products we are specifically concerned with on this website. For sufferers of hair loss there are a lot more genuine choices consider – most of them are a legit, proven treatments which do stand a chance of making a difference, but beware, there are a few which seemingly look promising initially but actually offer nothing apart from a hole in your wallet. How do you know which products are genuine proven treatments? We will discuss all this below.. read on.


If you suffer from hair loss you should defiantly take a look at antiandrogens. Never heard of them? Well you may of heard of Propecia and Revivogen. These work by blocking DHT production – the most common cause of permanent hair loss in men and women. Propecia is an FDA approved (US) antiandrogen and that make it quite a big deal as its claims have a great body of evidence behind them. There are some side effects however. Not everyone experience them, and if you don’t this may be the best option for you. If you do experience side effects you may want to try something else.

Hair growth stimulators

Popular products which come under this umbrella are Regaine (or Rogaine in the USA), Minoxidil and Tricomin. They are external/topical treatment which can stop the loss of hair and promote new growth. Regaine is another FDA approved treatment and it has been used successfully for many years.

Many use these two type of treatment in conjunction with each other to increase their effectiveness and go to all out war against their hair loss. The big 3 which men use often together are Regaine, Propecia and Nizoral shampoo. Many also combine just minoxidil and finasteride (Regaine and Propecia) and they complement each other very effectively as there is some evidence that the combined results are often more than the sum of their individual effects.


If you are not looking for a cure for your problems and just want to cosmetically “conceal” you problem then hair fibre products like Toppik and Nanogen. They are the perfect instant solution. Which one to go for is not as simple however and can only be decide by trial and error – which one suits you best.

Buying treatments

When buying a treatment there are 2 rules which you should always follow:

  1. Are the product’s claims back by research and evidence? Have there been any clinical trails?
  2. Do you trust the website from which you are buying the product. Check the buyer reviews for the vendor and make sure the treatment id genuine.
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