Funny Hair Loss Myths

By | January 22, 2014

When you are losing your hair no one can blame you for not thinking too clearly and old wives tales and myths can seem to make perfect sense. When you don’t know what is causing you problem many turn to the following ideas for an explanation, but if you just think about them for a second or two they are obviously rubbish. We may not fully understand the science behind temporary or permanent hair loss but some of the ideas which have developed out of nothing to the point where we are not sure whether they are true or not are hilarious.


mythWashing it causes it to fall out.

Here is the reasoning behind this one: you wash you hair and a significant amount of it collects in the plug hole so washing it is the cause, right? No. The truth of it is that we naturally shed hair all the time, day and night as some of our follicles enter a resting phase. The only time we will notice the effects of this constant shedding is when we wash it out it brush it (see below). Most of us  will grow it back naturally. So please do not take any notice of this myth for the sake of the rest of us as unwashed, greasy, smelly hair can be pretty revolting.

mythShaving or cutting it short reduces the loss.

Guys often shave their heads even though they have a full head of hair. Why would they do this? It must help with hair loss, yes? Well cutting the strands not matter hoe short will have absolutely no effect on your follicles and it is the health of your follicles which determines whether you will lose you hair of not.

mythStop brushing it.

This myth is similar to the “don’t wash it” idea so please refer to it above, but to recap: just because shedded strands appear on your brush after brushing does not mean it is the cause. The shedded hair was there all the time waiting for you to brush (or wash) it out.

mythWearing a hat causes hair loss.

Similar to the “cut it short” argument. Wearing a hat does not effect you follicles so will have no effect of the health of your follicles. It wearing one pulls out a strand or two – on a healthy head these will grow back naturally, if you already have a thinning problem then it may not. But the fact of the matter is the act of wearing a hat does not  cause the initial problem.

mythThere is no way to stop hereditary hair loss.

Wrong. There is and has been for nearly 30 years and people, both men an women, have been using it successfully all that time. You may know it as Regaine, Rogaine or Minoxidil but essentially it is the same thing. It is had a proven track record of stopping and reversing hair loss for decades – you just have to be have with applying it twice a day.

mythOnce you have thin hair and exposed scalp there is nothing you can do – apart from a transplant.

It may be too late for Regaine to have a noticeable effect at this stage but you can effectively conceal your problem using hair fibre products like Toppik and Nanogen. These effectively make each of your hair strands thicker and your head of hair appear much fuller. The end result can be quite staggering. You will need to apply them every day (when you want the full look) but one they are in they are in for the rest of the day. It is not a cure  and there will come a point when your hair (if you keep losing it) will be too thin to carry the fibres effectively. Price are low (using Nanogen every day is currently cheaper than using Regaine Foam) and it is a technology which will only get better.

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