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By | January 24, 2014

Nanogen are a leading UK based company specialising in hair health, restoration, re-growth. Their products and solution have become very popular in the last few years or so.

nanogen-rangeThey provide solutions for men and women who want to prevent hair loss and for those who are already losing it and wish to stop it’s progression and/or conceal their problem. Whatever problem you are having with your hair Nanogen will have a solution.

Let’s make no bones about this, Nanogen is the industry leader when it come to keeping the mop on the top of your head feeling and looking in good shape. There is simply no other company in the world (let alone the UK) that has such a diverse range of products for strengthening, restoring and re-growing hair, so it looks strong, full and healthy.

Their aim is to eliminate hair loss for as many people ans possible. They use the world finest chemists, biologists and industry experts to bring you the latest technology in a bottle the industry can offer, and at the lowest price.


All this research has resulted in the culmination of four core technologies that have been widely incorporated into the Nanogen range. Most research is devoted to these 4 specific technologies.

The four technologies are active conditioners, hair nutrition, hair growth factors and electrostatics.

Active Conditioners

active-conditionerThin hair comes with a unique set of problems because most conventional conditioners merely coat the strands. Over time, there is a build-up of coating on the strands. On normal hair, this is fine. However, thinning hair tends to look heavy, lacklustre and sparse. The coating also prevents topical treatments from effectively penetrating the scalp thus causing ineffective treatment.

Nanogen Active Conditioners use a proprietary technology discovered through years of research to deliver the much needed ingredients to the hair and scalp effectively. These active ingredients are able to do treat the underlying problems and the conditioner conditions the hair too. The best of both worlds.

Hair Nutrition

Hair nutritionHealthy hair requires the right amount of macro and micro nutrients. One of the causes of hair loss is that our current diet lacks the complex nutritional requirements necessary to promote healthy hair. The nutrients must not only be balanced with the correct amounts of ions, enzymes and nutrients, but the supply must be consistent.

Nanogen provides nutrition to the hair with its unique blend of Nanogen Intervention Supplements. These supplements are a carefully balanced formulae of ingredients. The supplements target the different needs of both men and women.

This not only makes them highly effective but they are the complete solution to hair loss nutrition. Nanogen Intervention is a powerful mix of ions, nutrients, co-factors and neutraceuticals. All designed to arrest baldness and promote the growth of healthy hair.

Hair Growth Factors

Hair Growth FactorsGrowth factors are your body’s natural signals that determine cell development, growth and death. Each growth factor has a unique purpose. Some growth factors determine when your hair will start to grow, reach maturity stage (fully formed hairs) and when they will die and fall off.

They are using state of the art technology to create growth factors which mimic the natural ones that trigger hair growth, maintain healthy hair and prevent the hair from dying prematurely. The growth factors created by Nanogen are derived from plant sources and this makes them safe and ethical.


nanogen-tripleNanogen strongly believes in product synergy. That means every product must complement and work together with each other to achieve the best possible result. Similar to the principle where many heads are better than one, many different products working together will have a more powerful effect than just one individual product.

Their fibres are coated with a special coating that makes them dipolar. This makes them highly effective at bonding to the strand with an electrostatic charge. The end result is hair that appears thicker. All their shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to leave a correct charge on the hair. This will ensure that the fibres bind to the hair optimally.

The Locking Mist Plus, sticks the fibres to the hair and also aims to preserve the bond between the hair and fibres. This creates a bond that is water resistant even when submerged underwater.

Product Range

In no particular order:

  • Thickening Treatment Shampoo – this will make you hair look progressively thicker from the moment you fist use it.
  • Thickening Treatment Conditioner – containing a formula of nourishing ingredients to strengthen and thicken your hair.
  • Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum – a clinical proven and powerful external treatment which studies suggest is more effective at increasing growth rate (237% more effective) than Minoxidil/Regaine.
  • Keratin Hair Thickening Fibreselectrostatic micro fibres which bind with you hair-strands for instant thickness and stays in whatever you throw at it. It come in 10 different natural shades.
  • Aquamatch – a concealer which can be applied precisely, like for a receding hairline, that looks completely natural – even close-up.
  • Scalp Ease – the perfect solution for an irritated scalp following treatment. Scalp Ease soothes and reduces the itching and redness which can be caused by treatment based in alcohol or propylene glycol.
  • Microneedle Scalp Roller System – this little gadget encourages your hair to grow by stimulating the scalp. It also increases the absorption of external treatment like minoxidil or their growth factor serum.

As you can see from the list above their isn’t much they have not designed a product for. You may even find a solution that you never new existed. If you want to use products to prevent, slow, conceal or reverse hair loss which are using the latest technology you need look no further than Nanogen.

All their hair thickening products are produced by Pangaea Laboratories Ltd who also specialise in skincare products (Medik8). All the revolutionary technology found in their products are developed in-house. They own a number of patents in hair thickening technology.

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