Does Nanogen Work?

By | February 18, 2014

nanofibers2There are a number of Nanogen products which deal with the issue of hair loss. Some of them deal with curing the cause of the problem (such as their serum) and some overcome the problem through concealment.

Here we are concerned mainly with the range of Nanogen concealers or more specifically their hair fibres (Nanofibres). Do they accomplish what the say they can do:

“merge with you own hair to create incredibly natural thickness and conceal thinning and wide partings”

Do Nanogen Fibres Work?

The short answer is a resounding Yes, as long as you are not too far gone. They instantly add body your hair making it look significantly fuller by thickening the strands with colour matched fibres which bind electrostaticly to them. But you can only achieve this effect if you have enough hair for which the Nanofibres to bond.

If you are bald as a coot or have large areas of hairless scalp I am afraid Nanogen will not work for you (this can also be said for most mainstream hair thinning products such as Regaine, Minoxidil & Viviscal). There will simply not be enough strands for the fibres the adhere to to the point where you would like the result – it’s good but I can’t work miracles.

Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it, go and look for some reviews online (we have a growing collection of our own on this site) and you will find the the vast majority of them are positive. A significant number of new users of the product are amazed at the results. If you research further you may also notice that Nanogen fibres score much better than any other brand including Toppik. This my be because of the unique features only found in Nanofibres like the Kinetic technology or the dipolar charging of the fibres – the really make a difference.

A Natural Look?

So they work if you are getting a bit thin on top but how natural does it look close up?

Undetectable is the consensus. Men and women have been using these fibres for years and they have gotten to the point at which you can not tell if someone is wearing them even when you inspect their hair closely or even run your fingers through it.

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