Nanogen FAQs

By | April 24, 2014

FAQsHow often do I need to apply them?

They only get dislodged when you shampoo, so if you don’t shampoo daily, there’s no need to apply the product every day. However, take note that some of the fibres might stick to your pillow, so a touch-up after sleeping is recommended. Don’t worry, about them staining your linens, though. Any fibres left on your pillow or sheets can be easily dusted with your hand.

How do I choose a shade that matches my actual hair colour?

Nanogen provides a colour chart so you can check the shade that matches your colour. You can also combine different shades to produce the exact colour you need – effectively the potential choice of colours is unlimited.

Do they look natural?

Yes. Because these fibres are 100% pure keratin, they look just like real hair. In a instant, you have a fuller head of natural-looking hair.

How is my order delivered?

The order is packed carefully and sent out in boxes without any labels. That way, you’ll get the product at your doorstep without alerting anyone that you’re a Nanogen user.

Do they ever get dislodged?

When applied properly, they will remain stuck solid through an electrostatic charge. For more locking power, use them together with the Locking Spray to make sure that they stay put even through strong gusts of wind or heavy rain.

Is Nanogen safe for thinning hair?

Yes. It is completely natural and has been dermatologically tested to ensure that it can stay on even for several days.

Are they be suitable for greying hair?

Yes. Apply them in the original colour of first, then sprinkle it with grey or white. You can blend the colours with your fingers until you get your desired look. You can also use this method of blending of colours when you want to add in highlights to your hair.

Are they waterproof?

While the fibres are sweat – and rain-resistant, they can be washed out with shampoo.

Can they be used along with other styling products?

They work best with dry hair. If you use wax, gel, clay, and the like to achieve the wet look, they might clump together, giving off an unnatural look. But you can still use other products that do not leave an oily or greasy film on your hair. Some of these products are mousse and hairspray.

For best results when using Nanogen with other hair products, style first with a non-wet look styling product, apply the fibres, and secure them to place with Locking Spray.

Can I blow dry and comb my hair after applying them?

While strong winds will not dislodge the fibres, they should be applied to dry hair. Thus, there should be no need to blow dry  once they have been applied. You can comb after applying them, but use a wide-toothed comb. You can also just use your fingers to style or shape your hair.

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