Is Nanogen Waterproof?

By | October 23, 2014

swimmingUnlike many of it’s competitors Nanogen Hair Fibres along with their other products in their product range including Aquamatch and the locking mist claim to be virtually waterproof. They claim that you can even go swimming with them in without them being removed. Claiming it can be done is one thing but proving it is another. Well here at we have tracked down some video proof.

The video is in Spanish but I think is demonstrates just how effective the Nanogen Fibres are at staying in even in the wettest conditions possible. If it can cope with total submergence in water then rain is not going to be a problem. There are a couple of thing to note about the video however:

  • He only applies the products to the back half of his head so ignore the visible thin area at the front.
  • This video is a few years old and the packaging has since changed (notice the old Nanofibres branding). The product itself has not changes however.

If you were to do this using other brands of concealing fibres the dye in them my run and/or most of them will simply be removed by the water. So how do Nanofibres do it? Well it comes down to 2 pioneering technologies:

Colour Lock Technology

They can guarantee that due to this technology the fibres will not bleed or run no matter how wet they get. Only this brand uses anything like this.

Locking Spray

Using their locking spray is not always necessary but if you plan on getting you hair wet then a few sprays of this after applying the fibres will ensure that over 90% of them will stay in even if you go swimming.

So there you have it, although Nanogen do not recommend that you do much swimming while using their hair loss concealing products but it is certainly possible. Whether you are caught in a heavy rain storm or get splashed or pushed into the pool while on holiday you can be confident that these fibres wont let you down.

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