Keratin For Hair Fibres

By | March 21, 2014

Nearly all hair fibre brands, Nanogen and Toppik included, use keratin as the main material in their products. But why is it the best material for temporally thickening your hair?

DNAWhat is keratin?

Keratin is a naturally produced and extremely strong fibrous protein. It is found in the hair, nails and skin of not only us humans but most mammals too (hoofs, feathers, wool etc.)  So if it is only produced in nature I guess the next question should be:

Where does the keratin in Nanogen and Toppik fibres come from?

Both are made from keratin sourced from sheep’s wool. It is virtually the same as the keratin found in human hair. It is chopped up to a microscopic size and dyed.



Human Hair

Human Hair

What are the advantages over other materials/brands?

  • As it is the same basic material as your natural strands it has the same characteristics including weight, density, appearance and structure. Keratin will not weight you hair down like other materials. It also reflects light just like normal hair.
  • No allergic aerations – Your own hair would not cause and allergic reaction and as the keratin found in Nanogen and Toppik is virtually the same it does not either.
  • No irritation – alternative like nylon and cotton can cause irritation to you scalp, keratin does not. Nanogen Fibres are also dermatologically tested so you can be sure that the are safe for your hair and scalp.
  • As it is just like the real thing it can absorb hairdye in exactly the same way. This enables keratin hair fibres to be coloured to exactly the same range of colours.

Are there alternative fibre materials?

The other materials such as nylon,silk, raylon and cotton have all but been made obsolete by keratin. Being natural it is far less likely to irritate your skin unlike man made alternatives. Even natural cotton fibres we found to be irritating to the skin.

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