Nanogen Fibres vs. Couvre and DermMatch

By | September 11, 2014

Scalp dyes are the oldest concealers of hair loss dating back to late 50’s. Although Couvre and DermMatch work well by making thin area much less noticeable they have many limitations when compare to the fibre systems like Nanogen’s (Often referred to as Nanofibres).


Matching Colours

One of the limitations that the scalp concealers have is lack of wide range of colours. Mostly they work well on brown hairs because it is dark. If the colour is not dark you will not have much of a result. On the other hand Nanogen’s fibres exist in a wide range of colours thus making it match any skin type or colour. The fibres can also be mixed to match any distinguished variation like greying hair and tone.

Real hair has thousands of unique tones and shades. Nanogen uses semi opaque light scattering dyes to reflect light like the real thing. To avoid flat appearance or dullness the colour is locked with a clear coat thus making your hair look normal under any light condition.


Some concealer products have special applicators like DermMatch while as for many you just apply directly to your scalp.

To apply Nanogen you won’t need any special applicator just your fingers. The process does not remove any hair thus better as compared others that break or remove some. Also, after application there is no stain as it is applied as a dry powder.

On the other hand DermMatch, Couvre and other dye based concealers stain the items you use during application, thus, requiring a lot of work to remove them.


Nanogen Fibres can effectively conceal anywhere completely even hairlines unlike the scalp dyes which don’t conceal the hairline effectively.

Weather Conditions


The fibres won’t let you down despite the weather condition. Due to thickening of the strands up from the root by Nanogen Fibres, thinning areas will not be exposed by direct sunlight unlike the scalp dyes which expose these areas. This is made possible because Nanofibres are made with the same protein (keratin) that makes real hair. Then they are dyed with a dye that allows them to camouflage tones of natural hair to look real even in bright light.


Even if a strong wind rearranges the hair, the thinning areas are not exposed when Nanogen Fibres are used but that is not the case when dye or cream products like DermMatch and Couvre are used as the wind will expose the thinning areas.


Due to colour lock system of Nanogen, no stain or running due is produced when your hair comes into contact with water – you can even shower or swim with them in. If the dyes are washed out by rain which can occur with other concealers such as Toppik they will leave you with messy stains all over your clothes and skin. With combination of Locking Mist Plus and Nanofibres will leave your hair water resistant.

Although DermMatch is super resistant to water, it can be washed out if it is soaked in water for a lengthy period; swimming is out of question if you want to preserve it. When using a dye, the hair flattens when wet thus revealing the scalp and the thin hair.

Although some dyes are water resistant, it also comes with some limitations. Since concealing dyes invention in the late 50’s they have changed very little. On the other hand Nanogen’s fibres are in steady development. Many new technologies are also popping up every year. There is no doubt that the company is at the centre of all hair loss and electrostatic research. What these fibres can bring to the table (weight, thickness), no dye or colour can.

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