Buy Nanogen Fibres From Boots? Read This First

By | June 30, 2014 is an incredibly popular website for all types of pharmaceutical products. This is due to the fact that the name ‘Boots’ is familiar to everyone in the UK and so carries a lot of trust and when shopping online trusting a website with your email and card details goes a long way. The term “Nanogen Boots” is currently the fifth most popular search term that people type into Google related to this product. Now Boots is obviously a very well known high street pharmacy so you would expect it’s online presence to attract a significant amount of traffic. Online shoppers like using familiar websites run by familiar companies, there is no doubt about that but are they getting the best deal? Probably not.

Buying From Boots?

On many products the Boots website delivers very competitive deals, currently (at the time of writing this) Nanogen Hair Fibres is certainly not one of them. So if you do buy your Nanogen hair fibres from the website will you be getting a good deal? Not really. There are much better deals out there at the time of writing this. Buy your fibres from a less well known online store and you will pay only two thirds of what you will pay at Boots (£0.80 instead of £1.10 per gram).

For the latest up to date prices always check our price comparison list. The store with the top spot changes quite regularly ant occasionally there are some incredible promotional deals which are only available for a short time – It is a good idea to take full advantage of these and stock up before the prices go up again.

Update: 1/2/17 | Mankind Sale

I have no idea how long it will last but Mankind currently have an very good deal (best one online by some margin). The have reduced there already competitive price by 30% meaning you can get a 30g can of Nanogen for as little as £23.96 with free delivery

Save up to £8 per month.

Buy simply using a different, perhaps less familiar but equally trustworthy, online pharmacy such as Mankind (which is currently offering the best deal) you would save up to £8 on a months supply (30g) every month. This works out to be a saving of over 30%!

How about

Again just like Boots, refusing to shop around can end up costing you money. Amazon never have good deals on Nanogen, they seem to concentrate more on Toppik hair fibres (they currently have the lowest price on this brand).

There may come a time when these popular store are offering competitive deals and this article may go out of date pretty quick so always check for the lowest price using the price comparison list which can be found here.

Of course you need to trust the website you are buying from particularly when shopping online and for this reason we only list reputable online UK based stockists which have been trading for many years.





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