Nanogen Hair Fibre Technologies

By | January 27, 2014

The rising popularity of Nanogen’s hair fibre products owe their success to a number of technological features which are not found in other brands. Here we will touch on each briefly, though I intend to write about each in detail over the next few weeks. Firstly here is Nanogen official Nanofibre video where you can see these technologies in action:

 Kinetic Technology

Each fibre has a metal strip which become charged as you you shake them out of the jar. Tests have show that charging the fibres this results in 4 time as much electrostatic charge when compared to the other methods used by Nanogen’s competitors. This all means that the fibres bind more strongly to your hair, staying in longer and in harsher conditions.

Colour Lock Technology

If you like in the UK you have got to expect a bit of rain now and then. So when you are out and about with your nanofibres on and it starts raining you would not want the colour in them to leak their dye all over you have and neck. Nanogen have added a coating to their fibres to ensure that the dye in them is completely sealed in. Use their locking spray and you can even swim under water without them falling out of place.

Dipolar Charging

nanofibre-vs-othersNanogen, not happy with simply having the fibres gain an electrostatic charge as they leave the jar, devised a means to make their electrostatic charge dipolar – having a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other. Due to this dipolar charge the fibres don’t  bind flat to you hair strands, they bind perpendicularly to them like a fir tree. This results in a much thicker look effect.

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