What’s In A Name: Nanofibres Or Nanogen Hair Fibres

By | July 16, 2015

nanofibresNanogen updated their packaging and branding for this product in 2013 to keep it more in line with other products such as their Thickening Shampoo. So the Nanofibres name was dropped in favour of Nanogen Hair Fibres. Other than the name and packaging the products are are identical.

Their latest generation of fibre includes Kinetic Technology. You should find it present in all their products of this type. If their is a metal strip present on the jar then their Kinetic Technology ins present.

Note that the USA spelling of fibres is fibers and this may be the case if you are buying from a USA based store.

While we are on the subject…

The difference between ‘building’ and ‘thickening’ fibres is another UK/American English variation for the same product. The other common names are:

  • hair loss concealers
  • hair camouflage
  • hair volumising fibres (or volumizing fibers)
  • cover-up
  • keratin fibres

All this names for what is essential the same product are due to the number of different companies who have entered the market offering a new name.

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