Where To Find The Cheapest Nanogen Online

By | July 9, 2014

Update: 30/12/2015

Order from Pharmacy2U.co.uk if you want the best deal overall but you will need to buy 3 30g packs to get it. If that is too much then head to Mankind.co.uk as they have the lowest price for single 30g orders with free delivery.

savemoneyIf you use Nanogen hair fibres on a regular basis you will find that you are getting through a 30g bottle every one to two months. At £30 per bottle the expense of having a head of thick, dense hair is going to add up. For this reason you need to spend a little time finding the supplier with lowest price from which you can order on a regular basis.

It is not necessary for you to real all of this of course. You could just take a look at our price comparison list which is updated daily.

High Street Vs Online

You will not be surprised to learn that you will always get a better deal online. Nanogen just like nearly every other product available is significantly cheaper when bought from an online store, even when the high street pharmacy has an online presence like Boots.com prices are always lower.

Be warned however just buying it from popular website such as Boots.com or Amazon.co.uk will not net you the best savings. To get the cheapest deal you will need to shop at websites which many of you may not be familiar with like Pharmacy2U and Chemist Direct

nanogen-tripleMulti Packs

If you have never used this product before then ordering a single 15g or 30g bottle is a good idea – you don’t know whether it’s going to work for you. If you are a regular user however you will be please to learn that you can make big savings by buying multi-packs (saving over £5 per month).


This website currently has the best deal, the only catch is it comes in the form of a triple-pack (3x30g) for £73.99 with free delivery. This works out at lest than £25 per can delivered. If you have not heard of them then let me tell you the are the oldest online pharmacy in the UK and have thousands of happy customers (9.1 out of 10 on trustpilot).

nanogen-30Single Packs (30g)

Don’t want to buy in bulk? then you should try either Mankind.co.uk, Feelunique.com, Pharmacy2U.co.uk or Chemist Direct. They can all deliver 30g to your door for around £30

nanogen-15Single Packs (15g)

15g packs are aimed at first time or very light users of Nanogen. At the time of writing this Mankind.co.uk currently have the lowest price at £17.06 delivered.

Update: 18/08/2014: Feelunique.com have just reduced their prices on Nanogen considerably. Their 30g pack is now the best deal anywhere by far at just £20.96 with free delivery beating the next best deal by over £5! This is a sale price so buy as much as you can afford as quickly as you can as the deal is unlikely to last long.

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