Nanogen Hair Fibres

new-nanogen-2-250wWith Nanogen hair fibres, you can instantly add volume and real fullness to your hair which is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can decide yourself how much to apply – even build up the fullness gradually  over time so no one notices any dramatic change.

They are ideal for men or women who wish to instantly obtain natural looking fuller/thicker hair. They can be used in conjunction with other treatment products such as Regaine or minoxidil and can even be used along side your favourite styling products just apply the Nanogen after styling.

How do they work?

nanofiber_coloursBy simply shaking the Nanogen’s container over your thinning hair the Electrostatic fibres are applied quickly (takes less than 30 seconds) and with no mess. When you do this a huge number of minute colour (matched to your colour) fibres are released. These fibres bind to each strand of your hair.

Each fibre is charges with static electricity so they bond easily and securely with you own strands in a sort of fir-tree/feather pattern. This results in  hair looking and feeling naturally fuller.

The fibres will stay in all day and don’t not smear or stain, you can style your hair without fear of removing them. Combine them with Nanogen’s Locking Mist Plus and the fibres with resist heavy rain and strong wind, you can even go for a swim!

Will anyone be able to tell I’m using fibres?

Even with close inspection no one will be able to tell why your hair is thicker. These fibres which were previously named Nanofibres benefit from having a couple of unique innovations, namely an electrostatic coating and electrostatic strip. Independent research also suggests that they produce a density which is unrivalled by other brands and products.

How easy to use are they?

Due to the patent pending electrostatic technology they are very easy to use, bonding to the strands instantly and securely with no staining (unlike other brands). You simply sprinkle them over areas where you are thinning and they will stay in all day. Nanogen say on their website that the electrostatic charge is strong enough to prevent 90% of the fibres from falling out for 5 minutes when taking a swim. The 10% which do fall out will presumably float away.

Are they safe?

It has been estimated that these fibres have been used over 1 million times to thicken men and women’s hair and there have been no reports of unpleasant side effects. Which is not surprising really as they are made of 100% natural keratin (the same stuff as yAlopecia Societyour natural strands). Nanogen  Fibres are used by leading transplant firms to hide thin areas before and after surgery. They are also recommended by the Alopecia Society.

Are they right for me?

This is the big question. Just like any concealer product, are not a cure for your problem. Once you reach the more advance stages of hair loss there will simply not be enough hair for it to work effectively. If your thinning on top concerns you you may be better off tackling the underlying problem by using a product such as Regaine/minoxidil or similar treatment. You can of course use them along side other treatments – many do.

These fibres are ideal for those occasions when you need to look your best when socialising with friends, family or anyone to which you want conceal your hair loss. Having said that many happily use them on a more continuous basis, every day, as an effective and virtually instant method of concealing their lack of hair,  the choice is yours.

Where can I buy it?

Many online stores sell these fibres at very competitive prices (compared to high-street stores). There are available at or a number or online pharmacies. To ensure you are getting the best deal and lowest price take a look at out price comparison chart which is updated every day.

Who are Nanogen?

nanogen-logoThey is one of the world’s foremost hair research organisations that currently employs experts in the field of hair loss. Biochemists, expert pharmacologists and cosmetic scientist are all employed by the company to conduct studies and tests on the various aspects of hair loss.

Their main focus is to provide state of the art technology to its customers. To achieve this goal they collaborate with reputable universities and research foundations all over the globe to research on hair loss issues. These run the gamut from genetic testing to the latest in surgical procedures dealing with hair loss.

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