Nanogen Fibre Colours

Nanogen keratin fibres can be found in 10 different colours. Although using just one shade will work very effectively you will probably need to combine two or more of them to achieve the best colour match for your own natural colour.  These fibres use light scattering dyes to colour the keratin fibres so that they will blend into your hair and be virtually undetectable and a  translucent colour system so you can match every shade easily.

Below are the 10 different shades you can choose from with some useful advice on their usage:


This is a jet black which used on its own will only suit far-east oriental jet black shades.

colour_dbrownDark Brown

For use on the darkest of brown hair only.

colour_mbrownMedium Brown

This will suit most European dark and medium shades, adding either light or dark brn to achieve an exact match if necessary.

colour_lbrownLight Brown

Use this if you colour is anything form light brown to deep blond. Add a darker brn to make it darker and dark blond for lighter shades.

colour_dblondDark Blonde

Used this if you hair is a full honey shade.

colour_lblondLight Blonde

This has a slightly sandy tone compared to dark blonde as well as obviously being lighter. It can also be used for matching blonde highlighted hair styles.


This is basically medium brn with an little red added.


Light brown with a little red.


For use on a darker shade of grey hair of adding to other colours when you have highlights


Use on its own for pure white hair only. Mix with grey for light grey shades (where grey in its own is too deep).

If you use Aquamatch you will be pleased to learn that the fibre and Aquamatch colours all match perfectly.

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