How To Use Nanogen Fibres

nanogen-30Hair fibres are an extraordinary product. They are helpful for people with noticeable thinning hair who wish to regain that lush, voluminous look effortlessly in seconds. Nanogen (the best selling brand of keratin fibre concealer in the UK) does not grow back any of the hair you have lost, but it give you an option to significantly change your thin hair’s appearance. This product is the perfect solution to cover up a bald patch of scalp that may be visible due to thinning on top.

This guide will show you how to use Nanogen Fibres in order to form that thick and lush hair layer once again.

Select The Colour Of Your Choice

Nanofibres available in a variety of colours so that you have the choice to go with your natural colour as well as combine two shades to create the right one.

toppikcolourchartIn order to find out the colour of fibre you require, locate the root of your hair in the mirror. The root will show your natural colour which can be used to find the right shade you need to order. If you cant find the exact shade between two colours, go for the darker one to be safe.

Styling Before Applying

It is good practice to style your hair prior to applying the Nanofibres. Although you can style it after applying them with a wide-toothed comb or your hand, it will only shape your hair and not actually style it.

If you are applying a tropical treatment such as Minoxidil or Regaine, you must first let your scalp dry. If you use gel, let it dry as well before using Nanofibres. Styling equipment such as styling irons and straighteners must also be used before applying the fibres. However, products such as hairspray can be used after applying.


The application process is quite simple which makes the product incredibly convenient. You don’t need to visit a pricey hair specialist, all you need is a few minutes or seconds to apply it yourself.

The product comes in a type of canister with small holes in the top much like a pepper shaker. All you need to do is apply the powder to the areas affected by the thinning hair by shaking the canister upside down over them. You will observe visible results instantly with a fuller and thicker look,

You can apply Nanogen by yourself in front of a mirror and with enough practice, you will be able to apply it much quicker to the point at which you will take as little as 30 seconds to complete the job.

  1. The get the best results, prior to application, shampoo and dry completely. If you are using styling gel make sure it is dry before applying. Save hairspray for after.
  2. Hold the canister over the thinning area at about 45° and tap the can with your fingers or shake gently so the fibres fall out at a the required rate.
  3. It’s a good idea to start at the back and work towards the front of your head. Build up a good coverage in layers repeating the process until the desired look is achieved.
  4. Very gently pat you hair with you fingers between applications so that the fibres disperse evenly.
  5. To apply this product to a receding front hairline, place you other hand just below the hairline to stop the fibres form getting in your face and eyes.
  6. Once you are happy you can gently style you hair with your hands or a wide tooth comb.
  7. Apply a few sprays of the locking mist.


The Nanofibres are able to withstand all types of weather conditions, be it wind or rain. They can easily stay in for many days – although a few will fall out over time. When you wish to remove them all you need to do is Shampoo your hair, any normal shampoo will do. Once it is dry it can apply again.

When Not To Use

This product is a cosmetic cover up created for people who have noticeable thinning on top but it is ineffective on people who are completely bald or have large bald patches. The keratin fibres in Nanogen attaches themselves to the strands which gives it a thicker appearance, so there needs to be some strands to work on. The product has been regarded as suitable for scalp hair only, thus it should not be used on the face.

Usage Tips:

These fibres are very versatile, they will effectively bind to any hairstyle or pattern of thinning and almost any length of hair. Whether you have a wide side parting, centre parting or no parting the Nanofibres will work just as effectively. However there are some usage tip which will enable you to get the most thickening effect out of the fibres:

  • Apply in layers: if you have a little more time and you would like a perfect result apply the Nanofibres a little at a time, blend them in, apply some of the locking spray and repeat.
  • Try shorter hairstyle: the next time you go to have a haircut ask them if cutting it shorter than usual will improve the natural look of you hair. A shorter style can often look much thicker on its own.
  • Don’t overdo it: applying too much to an area can often make it look less natural. Until you become an expert at applying this stuff take a little more time and shake gently, blend it in and repeat.
  • Avoid styling products: Nanogen will work fine with your styling products but they are known to make what you have got look thinner in general. If you haven’t tried it before add it to natural un-styled hair – free from products – and see what you think, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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