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nanofibresPlease let us know what you think of Nanogen Hair Fibres or Nanofibres by submitting a review below. If you are thinking of using these Nanofibres you will find a number of user submitted reviews below.

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Best concealer I've tried

Sep 08, 2014 by JJ

My hair loss is cause by hypothyroid. I am only in my late 20's. Initially I used Toppik and I thought it was really good. I tried Nanogen even though it was more expensive but found it to be even better. Why? Because it just feels better when I run my had through it. When I used Toppik (in comparison) it felt that I my hair was full of saw dust even though I looked very convincing.

Also the fibres stay in better when they get wet. These products are not perfect though. Run you hand through my hair and some of the fibres will come off in my finger nails. Anyone else doing the same may be able to figure out that you are wearing fibres.

After 9 months of use now my friends which I see almost every day still have no idea that I use a concealer so it's pretty good.

Jun 11, 2014 by Martin82

I don't usually write reviews on the net but these little fibres have had such an impact on my life that I feel compelled to tell other who are in a similar situation to me. I am in my 30's and my hair is quite a bit thinner compared to what it used to be. I always felt self concious about it until I came across Nanogen. They are nothing short of fantastic. I could not believe the transformation when I first used them. They are now and essential part of my life.

If you have thin hair and it is a problem then try these.

lived up to the hype

May 15, 2014 by simon

Last week I ordered a months supply of brown Nanogen fibres and yesterday they arrived in the post and I put them on immediately. The "brown" was the perfect colour for my hair luckily and once added to my hair I couldn't really see them at all. I had also ordered the locking spray so applied that after putting the fibres in.

This morning the was very little residue on my pillow and it seemed all of the fibres stayed in over night very nicely. This was after quite a bust night out where my hair got quite wet in the rain. So if you are thinking that all this is hype, it's not, try it for your self.

very happy

Jan 17, 2014 by mrbaldy

I was very happy with this product. I use it every day and people never notice that I have a head full of electrostatic fibres lol. I will continue to order it until my hair can no longer hold the fibres.

I have been ordering off but now thanks to you price comparison list I have found a much better deal - I always thought amazon would be the best deal but I was wrong thanks - keep up the good work.

Nanogen fibres review

Jan 10, 2014 by dann

I first came across nanofibres when a freind told me to watch a youtube video of them in action saying I may be the perfect solution. The vid was very impressive so I researched further - readind all the info and reviews I could find on Nanogen. Bould some to match my dark brown hair and tried them and wow.... I was very surprised with the result which was great - even patches which I thought were completely hairless were covered in what looked like natural thick hair. I have now been using them for 5 months - not every day, just when I go out on the town - And can see myself using them until I have no hair on which to sprincle them. Watch the vid - It does all that it says it does.

works well

Dec 30, 2013 by Dave

Does what it says on the tin, even though the tin is a little smaller than I expected. I makes my hair look thicker - just like it did 10 years ago. The fibres stay in well after using the spray. I ordered from amazon and the stuff was delivered within 2 days. The colour match is good though not perfect.

I am not really bald or anything so I don't know if it would work on someone with significant hair loss but for me it works great.

Nanofibres review (after 6 months)

Dec 17, 2013 by Andrew B.

I am 32 years old and started to notice my hair getting thinner 4 years ago. I have never - up until now - spent any money on this problem as I have a deep mistrust of companies making money from peoples problems - it's all abouts the $$. However having said that I saw a video somewhere on the net of the Nanogen fibres in action and was very impressed, bought a pack for £20 and have now been using them 6 months.

I haven't tried any other brands - what's the point, these work really well and the other are no cheaper - so I can't compare but if you want thicker looking hair without having to rub in scalp lotions of take hormone altering tablets use this.

, 4.7 5.0 7 7 My hair loss is cause by hypothyroid. I am only in my late 20's. Initially I used Toppik and I thought it was really good. I tried Nanogen even though it was more expensive but fou