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By | October 28, 2014


I have lost quite a bit of hair on the top and the crown so much so that I have been using Regaine Foam for a few years and was thinking of a transplant. A friend advised against a transplant however as I am still in my 20’s.

I have only just recently discovered hair loss concealers. I went along to see a new car to buy and I mentioned to the seller that I would like a convertible while I was still young enough and didn’t have any children. I said I may look older with my thinning hair but I was actually in my 20’s. He just grinned at me and replied “you think this hair is all my own”. His appeared full and thick – no sign of thinning what so ever.

Then he fetched the product that he said he used to thicken his hair from the glove box and tried it on me. Well I could not believe the transformation and it only took around 30 seconds from looking very thin on top to a full head of thick looking hair. Needless to say it could have been much better if he had spent a little more time doing it and used the locking spray. The product he was using was called Caboki.

  1. Researching fibre products on the web I have learned a lot more about them but what I really wanted to know and the question I can’t find the answer- so far – which is the better concealer do you think and which should I get. I have been really pleased with Caboki nevertheless there exist many available such as Super Million Hair, Toppik, Nanogen, 3dHair, Viviscal, Dermatech.
  2. Also Ebay has many unbranded keratin fibre products. Note don’t want anything which looks the least bit unnatural – I would rather not use it at all than look as if I am balding and trying to hide it. Are the non branded fibres any good? Do they stand up to the more expensive brand names like Nanogen and Toppik.
  3. Do you know of any side effect you can get from using these products? Do you remove them before you go to bed and re-apply in the morning or do you leave them in?
  4. Locking sprays: can you use the normal and cheaper hairsprays from high street stores or do I really need to use the ones sold by the fibre brands?
  5. How much does it cost you to wear them every day? I notice that on this site a 30g jar costs around £25 but how long does one jar last if you use it every day and you have lost about half?

Today’s Lowest Fibre Prices


  1. My preference is the Nanogen or Toppik but more so Nanogen – there are lots of stuff about these two brands on this site. I haven’t tried Caboki.
  2. I’ve never tried an unbranded fibre concealer.
  3. I would advise that you wash them out every night so you keep your scalp nice and healthy – you don’t want to make your hair loss any worse.
  4. Using normal hairspray should be OK but I prefer Nanogen’s Locking Spray – I know it’s a bit more expensive but well worth it in my opinion.
  5. 30g last me for quite a while – maybe around 6 month – but I don’t use it every day so it really depends on how often you use it.

If you have already used the fibres and you are happy with them I am assuming you still have some hairs left on the top of your scalp. Just realise that as these fall out the fibres become less effective.




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