Toppik FAQs

By | March 10, 2014

Will Toppik increase my hair loss?

It  is going to neither have a negative or positive effect on the growth of your hair.

What is it made from?

Toppik is made from same stuff as your natural hair: keratin protein. They get the keratin from wool which is as close as you are going to get short of producing it from real human strands – which would be much more expensive.

fibre-hold-sprayWhat is the Fibrehold spray for?

The Fibrehold spray has been developed to lock the fibres into your hair – so the aren’t dependant a electrostatic bond alone. It will add a shine and hold them in much more effectively.

Do the fibres stay in for long, do I have to re-apply them every day?

They will remain in until you wash them out. Otherwise you can expect them to stay in for at least one week. If you do intend to leave them in for a whole week you may need to apply a little over this time as the fibres shift. You can read more about how to use them effectively here.

Will they be able to cover up my grey hairs?

Using Toppik fibres is a great way to cover up greying and thinning hair – effectively killing two birds with one stone. They work great on coving root re-growth as well.

What if it rains when wearing these fibres?

Whether you are facing wind and rain or perspiration, the hair fibres are going nowhere. To maximise this you can use a Fibre-hold spray.

Should I use my flat/curling iron or hair dryer before or after applying Toppik?

They recommend that you apply their fibres after (and not before) using these any of these styling tools.

Can I use styling products such as hairspray, gel or mousse?

Again it is recommended that you apply them after using these products (apart form hairspray) as you may disturb them exposing areas of scalp and have to re-apply.

hairline-optimizerI have a receding hairline, is there a way to apply Toppik so my hairline looks natural?

There as been a tool developed for the very occurrence: The Hairline Optimizer with its irregular teeth make it very easy to create a natural look at you hairline.

What do I do if the spray applicator stops working?

Remove the applicator, rinse it out with hot water, let it dry completely and re-attach.

The colour shades available do not match my hair colour exactly, is there anything I can do?

You can mix the colour to make the perfect shade. Many blonde or grey haired users do this as a matter of fact. You pre-mix in an empty bottle and then apply or apply one shade and then a different one on top.

toppik6How long can I expect one bottle to last?

This is completely dependant on how much you use. As a rule of thumb:if you are using it every day then the 55 g bottle will last approximately three to four months, the 27.5 g bottle will last you 2 months and the 12 g about one month.

I have ethnic hair will Toppik work on it?

Yes, these fibres work perfectly with ethnic hair.

If there are any other questions you would like answered or you think should be added to our Toppik FAQs them please let us know

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