Toppik Hair Fibres

toppikhairfibresThe appearance of baldness is something both men and women are wary of. Whether they are old or young, baldness is not acceptable at any age. It can give your self esteem a very severe hit, but worry no more. Toppik hair fibres is the answer to a lot of prayers. This is a completely safe and natural way to eliminate thinning hair and baldness.

It is unlike most of the spray and cover up products available commercially. This is a scientifically proven advanced formula which contains tiny keratin microfibres which can blend with your hairs perfectly.

These fibres are specifically designed to overcome the appearance of thinning or baldness. The fibres are made of the same chemical formula found in the natural keratin protein of real hair.

It has a unique process through which these keratin microfibres merge perfectly with your strands and become undetectable. In an instant, you will see your hair become fuller without looking artificial or abnormal.

How do you use it?

toppikhairfibres_2The fibres used in a very simple way by holding the container over your head, right above the thinning area. Shake the container slightly while applying it over your head. In a matter of mere seconds, thousands of statically charged fibres, with the colour matching exactly the colour of your natural hair will appear on your head. These tiny microfibres will naturally intertwine with your hair and blend with them perfectly.

Since they are charged with static electricity, they bond with your natural strands perfectly, making your hair look absolutely normal. So secure is the bond that your hairs will stay in place even in rains and heavy winds. The microfibres are dispensed through a specially designed container with 167 digitally optimized openings.

Transformation in just 30 second

The Toppik formula is designed to be quick acting and therefore, within thirty seconds of application of this formula, you will see your hair become thick and dense. Your thin, lifeless and colourless strands become thick and full right in front of your eyes in less than 30 seconds. This is not a cover up and therefore does not create the illusion of thicker hair. It will actually have real keratin fibres in it and you will even be able to style it to shave years off your appearance.


Safe, Effective and Undetectable

It is so safe, it is even recommended by doctors. It is not a cover up or a cream and therefore does not smear or stain. It can also be used with hair transplants and is a great way to cover up scars and scabs left by the transplant surgery. If you have had any other surgery on your head, you can use the complex to hide any temporary post surgery thinning as well.

It is completely undetectable because the keratin fibres bond closely with your natural strands and creates the appearance of real hair, so no one can tell the difference even when they are only two inches away from you. However, it can be removed easily with any shampoo. So once you wash it with a shampoo, you will have to Toppik again.

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